Auto Repair The Right Way

The best auto repair starts with highly trained technicians complimented with high quality parts & of course clear & timely communication with your service advisor. A fact that most consumers don't know about a dealership is that the technicians are paid "flat rate" wages. This means they get paid a flat amount for a set procedure. This can be a "double edged sword" for them as they have the opportunity to bill more than 8 hours in a day so often are rushing to do things as quickly as possible. Things like basic oil changes pay very little and no one really wants to do them. They count on your vehicle needing additional items or repairs and sometimes recommend parts or services that are NOT needed. We have verified this happens, more than you know. I am not saying they all do this but the flat rate system only serves the dealership and the technician. There is no advantage for the customer to have the service or repairs done in a rush. At A.C.E. Automotive all the technicians are paid by the hour & asked to perform the operation to the highest quality possible no matter how long it takes. Other added conveniences are being able to communicate during non business hours via online schedulers & e-mail. Courtesy vehicles at no charge are often helpful so you don't have to arrange a ride to pick you up or drop you off. A nice welcoming waiting room and clean restrooms while we change your oil or perform other simple tasks is another convenience not always provided by independent auto repair facilities. All these things we strive to provide with pride. If you have any recommendations please let us know !

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