3/20/2017 Ann Ivan Definitely FIVE STAR service. Estimate was right on, work was professional and done quickly, loaner car is a super plus plus. Brian is honest and hard-working!
2/27/2017 Bob Mcculloch Brian and the crew are the best, enjoying my un-qualified trust in all matters upon four wheels.
2/25/2017 Joe Gaffney I called Brian with a problem with a headlight. He told me to bring it in the next morning, thinking that he would just change a bulb. It turned out that the mechanic had to remove the front bumper to get to the headlight buckets. When he had them out, he found that the ballast had failed. Brian ordered the part that morning and had it installed that afternoon. Thanks, Brian, for sticking with this until it was fixed!
2/22/2017 Dan Eddy Good quality work, trustworthy.
2/22/2017 Jacqueline Woytych So wonderful to have an excellent mechanic you can trust, year after year.
2/17/2017 Michal Victoria Got my 90,000 mile check done. Service was fast, honest and thorough. I trust ACE Automotive.
2/16/2017 Denise The best. Always thorough, finished on time and within the estimate.
2/12/2017 Carl Huber I have used this shop for several different vehicles over the years. I appreciate Brian's honest assessment of vehicle issues and fair pricing. I am very satisfied with the level of service which keeps me coming back year after year.
2/8/2017 Darlene Shimizu As always Brian took great car of me and the Rogue. He also alerted me to a problem with the car that I didn't know I had and gave me a referral to a shop that can take care of it for me. I have been a customer for several years and really trust Brian and his crew to take good care of my vehicle.
2/3/2017 Nathen Very fast and courteous service. I have been going to them for years.
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